Holy Roman Empire, Archdiocese of Trento, Egnone d'Appiano, Grosso

Egnone d'Appiano's reign in Trento (1250-1273) was overshadowed by permanent conflicts with his neighbors. Of his 23 years in office, the prince-bishop spent only about ten years in his residence; during the rest of the time he was on the run. In 1259, Egnone lost his bailiwick in Trento as well as all his fiefdoms to the dynasty of the Meinhardins. The obverse of this grosso depicts Egnone with his right hand raised in blessing. The bishop's left hand holds a crosier to which a flag on a lance is attached; these are the symbols of his clerical and worldly powers. The inscription reads EPS. TRIDENTI for Episcopus Tridentinus, bishop of Trento. On the reverse is the letter F for Emperor Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire; the legend reads IMPERATOR.

ca. 1250-1273 n. Chr.