Kingdom of Macedonia, Antigonus II Gonatas, Tetradrachm

The obverse of this tetradrachm depicts the god Pan. The horned and goat-legged god of nature was, according to Greek mythology, the stepbrother of Zeus and as a baby abandoned by his mother. When Zeus, matured to a man, fought for his heritage against the Titans, Pan shocked the giants with a sudden loud yell so much that they fled and bestowed 'panic' upon the world. The reverse illustrates the goddess Athena carrying a shield and a bundle of lightning bolts. This motif found wide resonance in the Celtic world and was depicted on numerous Celtic coins.

Antigonus II Gonatas was king of Macedonia (319-239 BC), an ancestor of Philipp II and Alexander III, later known as Alexander the Great. He was a powerful king, known for his victories over the Celts who invaded the Balkans during his time.