Kingdom of Paeonia, Lycceius, Tetradrachm

This tetradrachm originates from Paeonia, a region on the northern edge of the Greek zone of influence. The land (which would comprise present-day northern Greece, Macedon and western Bulgaria) was conquered in 358 BC by Philip II, king of Macedon. From then on the resemblance of Paeonian and Macedonian tetradrachms is evident. Both depicted the head of Zeus on the obverse, and on the reverse ofteh Heracles, the strongest of all Greek heros; here, is is busy grappling with the Nemean lion.

The Nemean lion was a powerful creature of Greek mythology that Heracles killed. The hero then tailored a cape from the lion's skin that made him almost invulnerable. This is why Heracles was always depicted with his weapon, a club, and a lion's skin.