Canton of Vaud, Time of Mediation, 1 Rappen 1807

After the French invasion of Switzerland, the constitution of the "One and Indivisible Helvetic Republic" was promulgated in April 1798. It took also charge of the Swiss coinage and proclaimed: "The right to issue coins belongs to the state alone (…) All bills are to be paid in francs, batzens and rappens."

The coins that were ordered to be minted included 'neutalers,' new talers, worth 4 francs, and 2-franc, 1-franc and 1/2-franc pieces. Small change was to consist of batzens and half-batzens as well as 1- and 2-rappen pieces.

This 1 rappen-coin originates from the Canton of Vaud, which existed at that time since just about four years.