Holy Roman Empire, Archbishopric Salzburg, Leopold Anton Eleutherius of Firmian, Taler 1731

Leopold Anton Eleutherius of Firmian (1727-1744), Archbishop of Salzburg, was a man of elevated intelligence and high oratory skills. He always strived to give the best for his country. His motto "dextera Domini exaltavit me" (the right hand of the Lord has elevated me) and his maxim "me sol, vos umbra regit" (I am led by the sun, you by the shade), however, says a lot about his personality: Firmian was convinced to have been appointed by God, and to always do the right thing. The obverse of this taler shows the Bishop's family escutcheon under a bishop's hat. Sitting on the hat is Mary, the Mother of God. She is dressed as queen of the heavens with a crown, a scepter and flying cloak, and holds her child with a globe in her lap. The reverse depicts Saint Rupert, the patron of both the town and the monastery of Salzburg. Rupert wears a bishop's garments and carries his usual attributes, a crosier and a barrel of salt.