Switzerland, INWO, 1 Talent, valid until 31. 12. 1998

INWO is an 'Initiative für eine natürliche Wirtschafts-Ordnung', an 'initiative for a natural economic order'. It advocates a basic income, free trade, free money, and free land. On this basis, a stable and free market economy is to be established, without monopolies, and with full employment.

  • A basic income is the payment of a certain sum of money without conditions to all citizens of a country.
  • Free trade is a policy in which governments do not restrict international trade in the least; this idea is almost mainstream today.
  • Free money is money issued only for a certain period of time; saving it would be contradictory. In return, free money is not subjected to volatility in terms of value, for instance by inflation, during the time of its validity. In this way money would be kept in circulation, after the motto that only circulating money stimulates trade.
  • The idea of free land, finally, claims that property can only be common good and that therefore every beneficiary of land should pay a certain percentage of his income to the community.

In accord with the concept of free money, INWO bills are valid for a certain time only. INWO's currency is the talent, of which notes from 10 to 50 talents are issued.