United States of America, Quarter Dollar 1999

'Wisdom, Justice, Moderation' is the state motto of Georgia. Add a peach (the state fruit), some sprigs of live oak (the state tree), and the state outline, and be done with the motif for the state quarter of Georgia. Georgia was founded in 1733 as the last of the Thirteen Colonies, yonder British settlements in North America that declared themselves independent from the motherland in 1776 and subsequently fought a bloody war of independence against the British super power. Hostile actions did not only take place in North America, however. Rather, the American War of Independence was one of the first world wars. France and Spain entered the war on the side of the rebellious colonies, eight other European states declared their armed neutrality as protection against British incursions at sea. Hence in the course of the American War of Independence Dutch squadrons fought against the Brits in the North Sea. The Spanish conquered the British island of Menorca, but failed to invade Gibraltar. The Brits, on the other hand, seized the Dutch and the Danish Gold Coasts in West Africa, and battled with the French in the Indian Ocean.