German Empire, Weimar Republic, Commemorative Medal 1923

Obverse: DES DEUTSCHEN VOLKES LEIDENSWEG (the ordeal of the German people). A male figure with his head bent, his hand on the shoulder of a young girl, in front of them a woman on her knees in mourning. In the background is a thornbush. Reverse: AM 1. DEZEMBER 1923 KOSTETE IN PAPIERMARK 1 PFUND BROT 260 MILLIARD. 1 PFUND FLEISCH 3,2 BILLIONEN MILLIARDEN 1 GLAS BIER 1 BILLION (On the 1st of December 1923, in paper mark, things cost: 1 pound of bread 260 billion 1 pound of meat 3,2 trillion billions 1 glass of beer 1 trillion) Beneath, a ship sinking in high sea