Roman Empire, Elagabalus for his Grandmother Julia Maesa, Denarius

Elagabalus was only 14 years of age when he became emperor of Rome (218-222). His mother, but especially his grandmother, were in control of government during his rule. They became the first women to be allowed into the Senate, and to receive Senatorial titles.

Elagabalus eccentricities, especially his religious practices, soon incurred the hatred of the Roman people. His grandmother therefore decided that he and his mother, who encouraged his religious practices, had to be replaced. In 222, soldiers assassinated both of them. Elagabalus was succeeded by his nephew, the 13-year-old Severus Alexander-

The obverse of the coin depicts Julia Maesa, Elagabalus' enterprising grand mother. On the reverse is Pietas, the personification of devoutness and duty to the state and the family.