Holy Roman Empire, Duchy of Troppau, Charles I of Liechtenstein, Groschen 1619

Charles I of Liechtenstein (1608-1627) was the founder of the princely house of Liechtenstein. Being Duke of Troppau, Charles had the right to mint his own coins. From 1614 to 1620 he issued groschen (groats) in big numbers – the groschen, with its value of three kreuzers, was the most popular every-day-coin at that time. This groschen was minted in 1619. It bears Charles' bust on the obverse; the duke wears an elegant ruff with his armor. The reverse depicts the coats of arms of Liechtenstein and Troppau and a duke's hat, symbolizing Charles lordliness. The letters CC finally are the initials of the mint master, Christoph Cantor.