Britain, Trinovantes or Catuvellauni, Cunobelinus, Silver Unit

Cunobelinus was king of the Celtic tribe of the Catuvellauni in Britain. He minted coins both in Verlamion (modern St Albans) and in Camulodunum (today's Colchester). This silver coin originates from there.

During Cunobelinus' long reign (c. 10-40 AD), trade between Rome and southern Britain rapidly increased. Archaeology shows that many luxury goods were imported from the continent: Italian wine cups, olive oil and fish sauces from Hispania, glassware, jewels and tableware, which from their distribution appear to have entered Britain via the port of Camulodunum. Britain, on the other hand, exported grain, gold, silver, iron, hides, slaves and hunting dogs to Rome. To facilitate trade, Cunobelinus issued imitations of Roman coins. The obverse of this silver unit cannot be assigned, but the reverse harks back to a denarius from 46 BC.