Holy Roman Empire, City of Zurich, Dicken 1504

This Zurich dicken of 1504 depicts the scene of the martyrdom of Felix and Regula, the two city saints of Zürich. They stand with their heads on their arms; instead they each have a halo. The reverse of the coin shows the imperial eagle and the legend MONETA NOVA THVRICENSIS 1504, New money of Zurich in 1504.

Felix and Regula were the patron saints of Zurich since the 8th century. Tale has it that the two Christian siblings set out from Italy across the Alps around the year 286. Sinc they were spreading Christianity on their way, the Romans persecuted them for their faith. In Zürich Felix and Regula were caught and executed. After their execution they alledgedly got up and, carrying their heads on their arms, march a little further before laying down to die. On that place of their eventual death the Grossmünster was later built.