Roman Empire, Caracalla for Julia Domna, Antoninianus

Julia Domna was one of the great women of Antiquity. She was born in the Syrian town of Emesa, where her father had been high priest in the Temple of Elagabalus, an important religious centre at that time. Julia Domna was married to Emperor Septimius Severus, with whom she had two sons: Caracalla and Geta.

Julia Domna played a active part in politics, during the reign of her husband as well as during Caracalla's government (198-217). She accompanied her husband on his campaigns together with her sons, and therefore was awarded with the title 'mater castrorum' (mother of the camps). In addition, she was given various other titles of honor, for example 'Pia,' 'Felix,' 'Augusta,' 'Mater Augusti et Senatus et Patriae.' The reverse of our coin shows Julia Domna as 'Venus Genetrix,' as progenitress of a new imperial dynasty.