Holy Roman Empire, Archbishopric Salzburg, Johann Ernst of Thun and Hohenstein, 1/4 Ducat 1707

The designs on the coins of Salzburg remained basically unchanged for centuries. Indeed, why change a coin that was commonly known and accepted abroad, and enjoyed a good reputation? Hence with every new archbishop, only the escutcheon and legend on the reverse was changed – even though this strict financial policy perhaps not always quite suited the princes. While the reverses thus depicted the respective bishop's family coat of arms, the obverse usually showed Salzburg's city saint Rupert with a salt barrel. Saint Rupert was regarded as founder of Salzburg and was very popular. His festive day was the 24th of September, which is a holiday in Salzburg until today (meaning that the Salzburg kids do not go to school on that day).

1707 n. Chr.